Student Work Staffs Receive Safety Training on Firefighting and Anti-terrorism

On 22nd October 2015, Week 7 of the first semester of Academic Year 2015-2016, the regular student work meeting of was convened in Room 125 of General Building on Huxi Campus ...

Cotton Quilts Handed out to Freshmen Students on Huxi Campus

On 13 November 2015, cotton quilts were handed out to students who are from poor families. 720 freshmen students got brand new cotton quilts and quilt covers and this was the ...

The 2015 Autumn Sports Meeting on Huxi Campus

On 14 November 2015, the 2015 Huxi Campus Autumn Sports Meeting was officially opened on the sports ground. This sports meeting consisted of two parts, sports games for fun an...

The First Dormitory Area Cultural Festival Opens on Huxi Campus of Chongqing University

On 15 October 2015, the First “Wise Wordsand Good Deeds” Dormitory Area Cultural Festival of Huxi Campus of ChongqingUniversity was opened,organized and held by the Huxi Worki...

Opening Ceremony of 2015 Spring Sports Meeting Held on Huxi Campus

On the morning of April 17th, 2015, the opening ceremony of 2015 Spring Sports Meeting was held on the sports ground on Huxi Campus and the place was filled with a hubbub of v...

Huxi Campus Organized Voluntary Work of Work-Study Program Students at Botanical Garden

Grateful for the Work-Study Program on Huxi Campus, students aspire to make Huxi a more beautiful place. On the afternoon of April 16th, 2015, voluntary work at the Botanical ...

Free Bicycles Handed out to Students on Huxi Campus

A free-bicycle handing out ceremony was held at the South Square in front of the First Dining Hall on Huxi Campus at noon, April 29th, 2015. It was the fourth event of its kin...

Pusan National University’s Delegation Visited Huxi Campus

A group of teacher from Pusan National University of South Korea, led by Dean Lee Inhee, visited Huxi campus on the afternoon of October 24th. Tian Ming gave the delegation a ...

Fifth Football League Kick off in HuXi Campus

The opening ceremony of Fifth Huxi Cup Football League was held on CQU Huxi campus at 4pm on October 26th, 2014. Teachers and students from the School of Physical Education, p...


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