Campus Environment

Huxi Campus of CQU is located in the University Town of CQ western suburb, 20 kilometers and about 30 minutes’ drive from old campus on Shazheng Street of Shapingba District. With a broad vision due to low-hill terrain, the campus is surrounded by Mountain Gele National Forest Garden in the east and Mountain Jinyun National Forest Garden in the west while Huxi River winds through the southeastern part of the campus.

The campus covers about 3670 mu (about 244 hectares), namely, 2628-mu (or 175-hectare) land for teaching and 1042-mu (or 69-hectare) residential land for staff & university development. Based on  integrated planning and construction by stage, Huxi Campus project began on December 18th, 2004. The planned dormitory building was 1.55 million m2 to house 35,000 students while accumulative finished dormitory building area is 0.6 million m2 with 17,000 students living in. 

Huxi Campus is an ideal place to pursue study and do research with its elegant environment, surrounded by luxuriant flowers and trees, forest and lakes, advanced equipments for teaching, research, life, sports, and academic exchange, orderly teaching management, and good study atmosphere.

Yun Lake
Around the Yun Lake, there stands library, Art Building, No.1 Teaching Building and No.1 Laboratory Building. Waterspout of music fountain inside the Yun Lake can reach 40 meters high, which usually can be seen once in the morning and once in the afternoon and available the whole day during holidays.

Jin Lake
Jin Lake and Yun Lake are named after Mountain Jinyun near campus, which casts beautiful reflections in the lakes. Clear water, bridges, twisty railings and students reading under the willow trees, all these form the most attractive scenery on Huxi Campus.  

Pine Forest Garden
Pine Forest Garden consists of 2 hills with luxuriant trees, flowers at fours seasons, quiet mountain paths and a pavilion at the highest place of the campus. The antithetical couplet “Good learners find out the reason while good doers overcome barrier” on the pavilion encourages students in CQU to “study diligently and endure hardship” here.

Huxi Botanical Garden
The beautiful botanical garden has a sea of trees and flowers, such as camphorwood, gingko, pagoda tree, denudata, begonia, peach flower, sakura and osmanthus, with a bronze statue of Ma Yin and Square of Banyue inside the garden.

A corner of the campus 



Photographers: Wu Jingcheng, Feng Mei, Sun Weidong, Sun Cuihua, Li Jun, Zhong Tianxiong, Huang Kaiji, Wang Tao, Lei Xuanting, Gu Zhenqiang and Liu Shuo)


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