Residence on Huxi Campus

At present, Huxi Campus offers four apartment complexes, namely Plum Garden, Bamboo Garden, Pine Garden and Orchid Garden, including 27 apartments with 5731 rooms available for 20,000 students in total. Among the 27 apartments, 22 are for undergraduates (Plum Garden No.2 to No.7, Bamboo Garden No.1 to No.6, Pine Garden No.1 to No.7, Orchid Garden No.1, No.2, No.7), with 17 m² four-bed rooms; 3 are for graduates (Orchid Garden No.3, No.4 and No.5), with 17 m² three-bed rooms; 1 is for PHDS (Orchid No.8), with 7.6 m² single rooms; 1 is for international students (Orchid No.6), with 7.6 m² single rooms or 17 m² double rooms. All rooms are well equipped with balconies, toilets, beds, desks, wardrobes, air conditioners, fans, water dispensers, water heaters, internet connection, and telephone interfaces. In each apartment  laundry room  and  activities rooms  are available .

Plum Garden
It consists of 7 apartments, mainly for undergraduates except Plum Garden No.1 for teachers. In addition, Reception center of Dazheng Property Management Company is set inside Plum Garden No.4.

Bamboo Garden
It consists of 6 apartments for undergraduates.

Pine Garden
It consists of 7 apartments for undergraduates. Campus ID card service is offered in Pine Garden No.6.


Orchid Garden
It consists of 8 apartments for undergraduates, graduates and international students.


Our Dorm Life

Girls’ Dorm

Boys’ Dorm

Activities Room in Plum Garden No.5

Bamboo Garden No.1

Bamboo Garden No.1

Student activities room in Bamboo Garden

(photographers:Feng Mei、Liu Yong、Wu Jingcheng、Zhao Chenxiang)

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