The First Dormitory Area Cultural Festival Opens on Huxi Campus of Chongqing University

by:*** Editor: 李伊婷 updated: 24 Feb 2016

On 15 October 2015, the First “Wise Words and Good Deeds” Dormitory Area Cultural Festival of Huxi Campus of Chongqing University was opened, organized and held by the Huxi Working Committee of CPC as well as the Management Committee of Huxi Campus of Chongqing University. Tian Ming, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Chongqing University Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Huxi Campus, and Xia Zhining, Assistant President and Vice Director of the Management Committee of Huxi Campus attended the ceremony.

The opening ceremony officially began at one o’clock sharp in the afternoon and Xia Zhining delivered the opening speech. He said that the dormitory area education could provide a platform beside the classrooms for students to improve their ability and quality. He quoted from Tao Xingzhi that “Teachers should not merely focus on teaching, but also be responsible for leading the students to become people of integrity; students should not merely focus on books, but also study the philosophy of life.” He wished that students could enjoy the dormitory area education time and it would do some good to their lives. Mr. Tian Ming also delivered a speech and announced the opening of the cultural ceremony.

By learning from the advanced education theories and experience of some outstanding universities in China and abroad, Huxi Campus started to explore and conduct dormitory area education since August 2012, on the basis of drawing on past experience as well as taking into consideration its own characteristics and conditions. The main purpose of dormitory area education is to provide more concern, support and chance for development for students, offering them a high quality education environment and putting the theory of overall education into practice. Till now, the dormitory area education on Huxi campus has made lots of achievements and is quite popular among students. To organize dormitory area cultural festival is exactly to display the dormitory area education, letting more students get to know more about it and benefit from it.

This very first dormitory area cultural festival consists of three parts, that is, to experience the dormitory area education, to discuss about dormitory area management, and to organize the “Home of Outstanding Students” activity. The experience part closely followed the opening ceremony (and included both indoor and outdoor experience activities), and was composed of guidance for school life, ability and quality development, and civic awareness training.

The scene of the outdoor experience activity saw a high-spirited atmosphere, with plenty of students attracted by those innovatively designed activities. For the “heart by heart” part of the outdoor experience activity, the scene of students scrawling on paperboards was quite eye-catching. According to Jiang Xue, the teacher who was in charge, the name of the activity was “psychological voice-over”, because the psychological status of a student could be analyzed from his or her scrawling. Additionally, other activities, such as Maisui Tang, Refine Oneself Internally and Externally, TEAM+ and Foreign Teachers in the Dormitory Areas were also warmly welcomed by students.

The indoor experience activity was also in full swing. In Activity Room 420 of the No. 2 Building of Bamboo Garden, “group guidance for career exploration and design” was underway. Students tried to figure out their study planning and professional orientation under the guidance of professional teachers. In Activity Room 320 of the No. 2 Building of Bamboo Garden, students were experiencing the philosophy of beauty, and great works came out from splashing ink and waving brushes, with artistic beauty and an air of elegance. With all this, students got the chance to enjoy traditions and taste culture.

Though the weather was hot, students’ enthusiasm for the activities was barely affected. A student Lin from School of Civil Engineering took part in the activities together with his friends. His ultimate goal was to win the first prize, a big package of gifts. “I find myself quite enjoying this dormitory area education, after taking part in all the eight activities, hardly aware of the hot weather,” he said. Even though his participation was mainly for the prize, he achieved a deeper understanding of the dormitory area education and looked forward to similar activities in future.

The dormitory area education experience activity came to an end at 4:30pm. The other two parts --- discussion about dormitory area management, and organization of “Home of Outstanding Students” activity, will be held respectively at this weekend (17th and 18th of October) and in November.

He Jianhua, Xiao Qian, Hu Xiaohua, and Bai Qiang, deputy secretaries of Party Committees of School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, School of Physics, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and School of Life Sciences respectively, attended the opening ceremony. Others who also attended the ceremony were Wang Yuhong, Vice Secretary of the Party Working Committee on Huxi Campus and Director of Student Working Office of Management Committee, Jiang Lin, Director of the Logistics and Assets Management of Huxi Campus Management Committee, and Fang Weitao, Director of the Internet and Information Center of Huxi Campus Management Committee.

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