The 2015 Autumn Sports Meeting on Huxi Campus

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  On 14 November 2015, the 2015 Huxi Campus Autumn Sports Meeting was officially opened on the sports ground. This sports meeting consisted of two parts, sports games for fun and tug-of-war competition. And it was organized by the Party Working Committee and Management Committee of Huxi Campus of Chongqing University and undertaken by School of Power Engineering and School of Physical Education. Athletes from nearly 30 schools took part in this sports meeting, among them including School of Electrical Engineering, School of Construction Management and Real Estate, School of Civil Engineering and School of Computer Science.
  The opening ceremony began at 9am on the sports ground. Tian Ming, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Committee of Chongqing University and Secretary of the Party Working Committee on Huxi Campus, Xia Zhining, Assistant President as well as the Vice Director of the Management Committee of Huxi Campus, Wang Yuhong, Vice Secretary of the Party Working Committee on Huxi Campus and Vice Director of the Student Affairs Department of Party Committee, Zhou Hui, Vice Secretary of School of Power Engineering, and Lin Li, Vice Secretary of School of Physical Education attended the ceremony. Tian Ming delivered a speech at the ceremony and he said that physical exercise is not only a way to maintain health and wellness, but also a way to cultivate strong will and the quality of perseverance. Meanwhile, he asked the students to do more exercise and physical activities after study, in order to build a strong body, be tough and achieve team spirit as well as fighting spirit. 
  After the ceremony, students participated in all kinds of sports games actively and enthusiastically. The coldness of the late autumn couldn’t weaken their high spirit towards games. The game on the basketball ground is called “balloon-carrying race”. Rules are that one student blows a balloon, and another two will carry it face to face or back to back with the balloon between them, and break the balloon with their bodies after they run 50 meters. A student named Qu Yu said after this game that it looked easy but actually needed excellent cooperation between two partners. He said, “During the game, I couldn’t stop worrying that the balloon might be broken too early, we might run out of bounds, or we might not run fast enough. However, it turned out that my worry was unnecessary. We completed the game with tacit cooperation and joy.” At the competition site, many students were practicing about balloon-carrying and they learned the power of cooperation from laughter and joy.
  As for the “water delivering” competition, 15 students were needed to form one team. They fetched and delivered water by using the paper cup held in their mouth from the first team member to the last one, and the last poured the water into a bucket. Through the entire process, cups were not allowed to be touched by hand. Team members carefully got water from one partner and passed it to the next, though some small accidents happened, they still showed good cooperation, winning applause and acclaim from the onlookers. As said by Peng Jiaxin, a student from School of Electrical Engineering, that the important thing wasn’t the competition result, but to enjoy the process, during which participants got fun and learned about teamwork.

  What’s more, there were also other interesting games, such as Ping Pong ball in pipeline, three-legged race for more than two people, goddess guarding, group rope skipping and concentric-circle bracelets untying. The ground bustled with students all the morning and they enjoyed the charm of sports and got to know the significance of teamwork and cooperation.
  The tug-of-war competition was organized on the ground in the afternoon. As the most important part of this autumn sports meeting, it attracted many students from different Schools and they warmed up excitedly before the starting of the competition. As the referee blew the whistle, the two teams started to pull the rope immediately with all their strength. And the competition became more intense with the shouting and cheering from the cheering teams around. In addition, the participation of the teachers’ team which was comprised of student instructors and teachers from dormitory areas also added a lot of fun to this sports meeting. What’s more, mutual understanding between students and teachers has been deepened through games and competitions. This sports meeting wouldn’t be a success without the joint efforts made by both teachers and students on the stage or behind the scenes.
  The 2015 Autumn Sports Meeting came to a successful end at 5pm. Tian Ming, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Chongqing University Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee on Huxi Campus, Wang Yuhong, Vice Secretary of the Party Working Committee on Huxi Campus and Vice Director of the Student Affairs Department of Party Committee, and Lin Li, Vice Party Secretary of School of Physical Education attended the closing ceremony. The Award Ceremony was part of the closing ceremony and the top five winning teams were from School of Public Affairs, School of Resources and Environmental Science, School of Aerospace Engineering, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and School of Physics respectively. Additionally, the awards for individuals, excellent organizers and those who demonstrated outstanding ethical conducts were also presented.

  The unforgettable experience will linger a long time among students after the sports meeting, just like the theme of this sports meeting, which is to keep fit through exercise, to find and improve talents. Meanwhile, communication and friendship among classmates and schoolmates have also been promoted, leaving a gorgeous asset for campus life.

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