Student Work Staffs Receive Safety Training on Firefighting and Anti-terrorism

by:*** Editor: 李伊婷 updated: 24 Feb 2016

 On 22nd October 2015, Week 7 of the first semester of Academic Year 2015-2016, the regular student work meeting of was convened in Room 125 of General Building on Huxi Campus of Chongqing University. The meeting pointed out the importance and requirements of the safety education and management of students in particular. Besides, how the student work was carried out recently was reported and the work arrangement for the near future was presented. Afterwards, Yao Qing, a training officer from the Firefight Training Center of Chongqing, provided a training session on “fire-fighting and fighting against terrorism and violence” for teachers in charge of student work. Wang Yuhong, Vice Secretary of the Party Working Committee on Huxi Campus and Director of Student Work Office of Management Committee, staffs from the Student Work Office of Management Committee on Huxi Campus, all the heads of student work stations as well as the vice executive head, and student instructors attended the training session.


   At the beginning of the training session, Officer Yao explained relevant conceptions of fire-fighting to the listeners and he pointed out that “fire-fighting doesn’t simply mean to put out the fire, actually, it involves lots of other aspects”, such as accidents and earthquake rescue. Starting from how to protect life and property, Officer Yao introduced some real stories and examples to his listeners, for instance, the knife attack in Dadukou District, rape cases caused by girls taking illegal taxis and murdering of students and teachers across the country. He analyzed the key points of these cases in detail and explained how to conduct self rescue when caught in such situations. He hoped that the audience would spread such knowledge to students and family members.

 As to how to protect life, Officer Yao took the survivors from the Jianli cruise ship sinking accident for example. One of those survivors also survived the Sichuan Earthquake. Holding a life vest, he was rescued after being washed a few hundred kilometers away; another was a sales person on board, who always thinks about how to survive if the ship sinks. “Why can they survive? Not because each survivor knows how to swim, but because they have an accident awareness. When accident happens, the first thing is to keep calm and then be flexible, strive to survive according to the situation.”  

   According to Officer Yao, all kinds of frauds and network crimes increase continuously and there are even criminals who would murder for money. The main reason for the losses of lives and property is the lack of alertness among the public. By analyzing these accidents carefully, people can find that many of these were caused by a high-profile lifestyle. Thus, Officer Yao hopes that parents do not buy their kids luxury products if they truly love them, keeping a simple lifestyle and offering their kids a good living environment to grow up healthily.

   When it comes to fire prevention, Officer Yao elaborated on lots of fire disasters. Fire accident happens all the time. For instance, fire accident might happen if televisions, air-conditioners, printers and copy machines are powered on for a long time. Thus, power should be cut off before going out. He stressed that when facing a fire accident, one should calm down, don’t panic and try to put out fire scientifically. For example, electrical fires can’t be put out with water. For how to escape from high-rise buildings, Officer Yao gave his listeners eight key words “use the stairs, get down, and avoid smoke”. He also mentioned that some former self-rescue methods for fire accident are already outdated, such as to cover mouth and nose with a wet towel, because many of today’s chemical fiber products will produce more smoke toxicity when burning, and wet towel cannot filter out toxic substances, such as carbon monoxide. Therefore, gas masks should be prepared, which can add more possibility to successful survival in case of fire. According to Officer Yao, the most important thing about fire prevention is to improve the fire safety awareness of the public. Using fire and electricity safely is the fundamental way to avoid loss of life or property caused by fire accidents.

   In the end, Officer Yao showed the listeners how to use fire extinguisher and gas mask as well as how to use tools inside first-aid case, extinguisher cabinet and the safety hammer.

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